Cow-Sharing is More Than Milk

You're excited to get started with raw milk. You want your kids to have the best dairy experience ever...

But what if you actually felt like a real owner of a cow? What if you could say you actually own the cow who's picture lives on your refrigerator?

Cow-sharing is an opportunity for you and your kids to learn about the dairy farm where your milk comes from. At Bartlett Farms, we treat education as an important part of the food we produce. It's real food, and we want to help you understand the difference.

The following tips will help you understand some common questions people have getting started.

Vacation for an Extended Period

If you do decide to go on a vacation for a longer period, say a few months, you may want to avoid the costs of maintaining a share while not receiving milk. In this case, you have a couple options for your cow-shares.

1) Continue paying boarding fees and not receive milk.

2) Continue paying boarding fees and give the milk to someone, possibly having them reimburse you.

3) Terminate the shares so there is no boarding fee, but that would mean paying the $50 for each share to start again when you’re back.

About discontinuing a share... You can either drop the share and discontinue payments for it. Or, you can find a friend who is interested and sell the share to them. Our farm policy is not to buy back the shares, but point new people to the current owner and let them sell shares between themselves.

If you have any questions, please ask. We're always happy to help.