Financial & Privacy Policies

  1. A credit card is required to complete the registration process. If you would like to pay using paper check, echeck, cash or bitcoin, please contact us to make prepay arrangements.

  2. A deposit seen on your order is not a deliverable item.  After the exact meat weight is known, the total  cost minus the deposit equals the remainder. The remainder is billed just prior to delivery of the product. 

  3. Please contact us if you are not satisfied with a product or service and we will do our best to make it right and learn from our mistakes.

  4. Please contact us before the delivery cutoff time if special arrangements are needed. 

  5. Home deliveries are scheduled around group deliveries and may be later in the day or evening, not at precisely scheduled times. 

  6. Cancellations: All sales are charged based on what is in your scheduled delivery at the cutoff time, therefore there is no check-out button. You may cancel or change or remove items from the scheduled delivery anytime before the cutoff. You can skip deliveries using the SKIP DELIVERIES option.  When a milk product pickup  is missed, Bartlett Farms credits the bottle deposits and any cooler deposits.  Recurring orders are a great way to automate your orders by turning them on yourself on or cancelling them yourself anytime in the ordering system.  Cow-share agreements terminate when boarding payments are discontinued.

  7. Refunds: Bottle and cooler deposits are refunded upon return.  The number of bottles and coolers outstanding should match the number that you have in your possession  provided by Bartlett Farms. Bulk meat refunds are possible before your beef or hog is delivered to the butcher. Cooler deposits and rentals are charged when a cooler is left, which seems necessary sometimes when unplanned. 

  8. Privacy: We do not sell customer information to third parties.  If needed for debt collection, we may release your name and address information, and outstanding account balance to a credit collection agency to collect on bad debts. Otherwise, unless required by law, we will not release any of your personal information.  Credit card processing is handled through