Pastured Poultry FAQs

Poultry is an American household favorite, but over the years the quality has degraded to the point there's no comparison between conventionally raised and pastured poultry. Pastured chickens and turkeys is just what it sounds like -- chickens and turkeys raised on pasture. 

Added benefits of pastured poultry include heart-healthy omega 3s, more vitamin rich meat, and super nutrient-dense bones for making the best chicken soup.


Our chicken and turkey production models are based on portable shelters that are moved often to fresh pasture. This allows the poultry plenty of room to run around in the sunlight and green grass, keeping them both clean and healthy. Their feed is transitional organic and non-GMO.


After processing, broilers are packaged in attractive shrink-wrap bags, allowing you to store them in your freezer for the entire year. Turkeys are packaged in regular plastic bags and are ready in time for Thanksgiving. 


Why is pastured poultry better than conventional poultry?

This chart compares the different management practices.


Do you feed soy to your broilers and turkeys?

No. We boost the protein level with other ingredients like fish meal to prevent the negative effects of soy.