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Contractual Agreement for the Processing of Live Animals Owned by Customers

1. Purpose, Basis, Benefits

To provide Bartlett Farms meat customers timely and quality processing of live animals into commercial cut meats and meat products. Based on Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund direct to customer food processing contracts. Benefits customers with better tasting meats through less handling stress, consistent processing through direct Bartlett Farms complete oversight, who understand organic processing, and better packaging, and the development of additional local business capabilities.

2. Contract

This Meat Processing Services Agreement (hereinafter “Contract”) is entered into by a Bartlett Farms customer upon checking the box.

3. Ownership
A. The customer becomes a meat animal owner upon purchasing a portion of a meat animal (hereinafter “Owner”), the Owner address was provided upon registration with Bartlett Farms. The address for Bartlett Farms is 1854 107th St NE, Bottineau, North Dakota 58318 (hereinafter “Processor”). 

B. Owner declares and affirms that he/she owns the animal to be processed by the Processor for the making of meat commercial cuts, evidenced by previous payment to Bartlett Farms.  The Owner agrees to the temporary possession by the Processor of the Owner’s animal for this processing. 

C. Owers must participate materially by (1) holding the option to see their animal before slaughter, (2) holding the option to participate physically or virtually in the slaughter and processing, and (3) by directing the processing to best serve their interests within the Processor current capabilities. 

D. It is understood by the parties that at all times during the pendency of this Contract that the ownership of the animal, and the resulting commercial cut meats and products to be made from the live animal, remain the sole property of the Owner. 

E. Processor takes no title or legal interest in Owner’s animal or products and does not have any authority to transfer, assign or sell that title to any third person. It is also understood by the parties that the finished commercial cut meats or products are not being sold, exchanged, or delivered between the parties, but that Processor is being retained by the Owner solely for the purpose of processing their live animals into commercial cut meats and meat products.

4. Without Government Inspection
Through this Contract, the Owner agrees to allow the Processor to process the Owner’s meat without government inspection, as outlined in this Contract. Bartlett Farms coordinates the logistics and assists owners with the processing of the Owner's animals and is not operating as a custom exempt processing facility.

5. No Additional Charge

There is no additional cost to the Owner for this service which converts live animals into commercial cut meat and meat products.

6.  Processing

A. Through this Contract, Processor, with Owner’s consent, agrees to take possession of Owner’s animal and through utilization of Processor’s expertise, knowledge, training, equipment, facilities, staff, resources, and or subcontractors to convert Owner’s live animal into packaged commercial cuts and customized products agreed upon by Owner and Provider. The options are limited to the Processors current and growing processing repertoire.

B. It is understood by both parties, and they agree, that Processors’ services will be rendered at 1854 107th NE, Bottineau, North Dakota 58318, and or other facilities deemed clean and appropriate by the Processor.

7. Schedule

Specific dates regarding the provision of the services shall be agreed upon by the Owner and Processor. 

8. Effectiveness

This Contract shall be effective upon execution (checking the box) and shall continue in effect until terminated by either party (unchecking the box and simultaneously informing the other party).  Such notice shall be given prior to the live animal being transported for processing. 

9. General

This Contract is entered into and shall be construed under the laws of the State of North Dakota. If the Processor must cease processing in order to comply with the State of North Dakota laws or regulations, it shall not constitute a breach of this Agreement.