How It Works

1. We raise your pasture-based milk, meats and more.

Each day, the Bartlett Farms team is busy milking cows, gathering eggs, feeding chickens, and working on ways to improve our food's flavor, purity, and health benefits, so you can have real food delivered for your family.

2. You set up your profile.

Type in your name, address, and billing information on the registration page. This tells us who we're delivering to and sets up your account with us. Choose home delivery or a pickup location near you. 

3. Create your order. 

Shop the website and add the products you'd like to your order. We'll then bill and deliver those items after the cutoff date for the week. 

Grand ForksFargo

4. We deliver your order!

Your home address or pickup location is our destination on delivery day. We pack our delivery van with your order and bring it to you at the appointed time.


Delivery Locations Include:



Devils Lake


Grand Forks




And more!

 That's it!  Of course, there's always things you might want to ask us before getting started, so please give us a call at 701-263-4574 or send an email to


Welcome to the Bartlett Farms delivery network!


Get Started

We always love to hear back from customers, so please let us know how you enjoy your experience with Bartlett Farms!