About Us


Most people struggle with food sensitivites that can be traced to a leaky gut. We produce milk, meat and eggs specifically designed to help restore your gut, so you can live a happier life. 

The story of Bartlett Farms began many years ago when we (Jim & Lynn) realized the importance of raising our family in a way that would encourage everyone to work together while integrating our Christian faith into all of life.

After spending three years searching for land, we found 164 acres of beautiful woods and rolling fields in the Turtle Mountains of North Dakota. It had no house, no electricity, no well, and no septic system. In the fall of 2004, we packed a 42' semi trailer with nearly everything we owned, moved to the new property, and lived in a popup camper for the first few months as we lined up contractors to drill a well, bring in electricity, and pour the concrete for our walk-out basement.

Since then, we've been building the rest of the house ourselves. Over the years, we've been blessed to have friends teach us how to garden, how to raise animals, and how to adjust to living in the country.

We are so thankful to the Lord for blessing us in so many ways and for bringing us to where we are today.  

Our Purpose

Healthy living is not only about the body. It's about meeting the needs of both body and spirit. Ultimately, we only experience a truly healthy life when we live in harmony with the natural and spiritual order of the universe: healthy food and lifestyle choices for the body with the sanctifying influence of God's Word. This holistic vision of health and its results encourage us at Bartlett Farms to keep doing what we do!

We believe that the original Westminster Standards contain the best summary ever written of how the revealed truth taught in the Bible applies to farming, health, food, lifestyle, family and more.

The Bartletts are planting a church in Bottineau, North Dakota with the help of The Reformed Bible Church of Central Virginia.